Open source tv recording... Try #47

Ok After screwing around with Mythbuntu I'm back using mythtv for my tv recording. I was trying to update and be the new maintainer for webvcr+ but it needs a complete rewrite to be useful again... so in order to make my TV recordings seamless I slammed a bunch of el-cheapo PVR-150 recorder cards into a machine and installed mythbuntu... then spent a week making nuvexport do what I wanted and to actually work. (Note lots of things in mythbuntu will break running nuvexport)

Step-1 copy your ~/.mythtv contents to the /home/mythtv directory. This missing fact will fail to launch any job after an encode.

Step-2 Install ALL dependencies. Mythbuntu is missing a lot, but you can apt-get all of what you need.

Step-3 test it a LOT. I still need to tweak my conversion settings and it still does not delete the original file when conversion is complete.

I'm recording with 3 tuner cards, and it's doing a decent job. but I really want it to delete the source recording after the encode is finished.