Tax time... Oh yay.

Finally getting the taxes done, Federal is getting better, actually less confusing. State and Local is another issue. State of Michigan Taxes are 2X more difficult this year because of a ton of wierd changes, you fill out about 6 different "schedules" to find out you write in a zero taking way more time than needed. City taxes on the other hand, My local City is getting out and out greedy. If your employer did not take out enough taxes they will charge you interest and penalties. What a crock. So not only do I have to pay a privilege to live in this falling apart town, pay to own property here, pay fees for my services, but now I have to pay penalties because I did not have enough taken out of my paycheck? How corrupt and insulting.

Tactics like that not only affect the residents, but it discourages businesses from expanding in those localities that have such tax tactics. Almost all bigger or profitable businesses in this area moved to outside of town in the township or outside the city limits to avoid it. There was a large modern mall in downtown here, they ended up demolishing it so it was not taxable and rebuilt outside the city limits. All grocery stores have left the city, as well as manufacturing and other companies.