Spring Cleaning and Starting Life Re-Direction

This weekend I had a epiphany. My XL-1 camera is having problems, Canon no longer services them so it can not be repaired, I'm bummed all my gear is old tech (Good but old tech) with HD taking off the way it is, and I was wallowing in it all. And then After I spent Friday and Saturday with one of my Dearest best friends, it hit me. Sell my crap and buy new crap! Well yes, that is pretty much it. My camera gear has dropped in value drastically except for the Tripods and Lighting and other gear that does not change when tech does. My $4800 manfrotto Big video tripod is useless without a big camera on it. I'm not going to buy a $10,000 Large sized HD camera so I'll be getting the smaller size that fits on sane sized tripods and do not need to hold 25 pounds.

So I started there and snowballed. Searching the basement and storage for items to list on ebay. It actually is an elegant solution. I sell stuff I am not using, reducing my amount of stuff so I can downsize, and I get to upgrade to new stuff that takes less space, does more, and is... well.... shiney! It's a good start to the whole downsizing mantra I have been talking about. I dont need a whole recording studio anymore so I'm selling all my synth and sampler gear and replacing it with a copy of garage band and some sound kits in my laptop. downzise from the big camera gear to smaller gear and a fig rig... make it all fit in that small expensive case I bought for the gear and never used! (what a concept!)

so I'm geeked. I'm downsizing, I'm getting a new HD 3CCD camcorder, a New FigRig for it and getting rid of 25 square feet of stuff! I plan on finding things and listing them on ebay all week. Time to clean the house and get rid of the cruft!


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