Quest for Fuel Economy... Suzuki Sidekick edition.

I was getting an average of 28mpg on the sidekick Sport with the 1.8L 4Cyl engine. all of a sudden I dropped to 24mpg and I decided that it needed a tune-up. Got some iridium spark plugs, synthetic oil, new air filter, oil filter, PCV valve, etc... and started in on the tune up. Found my problem.. Spark plugs were worn, those NGK plugs were almost completely rounded on the electrode. Also I had two corroded coil packs. 1 had to be surgically removed and then cleaned and put back until the new one shows up (nobody stocks them and NAPA wanted $200.00 for one.) from rock auto. I am going to need new tires this year, so I started researching tires. I want low rolling resistance tires this time around. I figure adding up all the gas saving changes will add up to real savings. SO searching for this is like searching for a snipe. It's all over the place, people are all over the place and none of the manufacturer's are telling anyone what tires are gas savers.

I found a make/model that is available for the Suzuki Sidekick AND is a LRR tire.

Tire Details - Discount Tire Direct

Michelin Hydroedge are what you want. They are a very hard tire that inflates to a high pressure and have very good handling and traction ratings. I expect to gain 1mpg from these tires. Iridium plugs and tune up will get me back to the 28mpg I hope the synthetic oil will give me 1/10mpg and I am looking into what spoiler to put on the back to further improve highway gas mileage by breaking the air vacuum that the sidekick generates behind it.

Update: Energy's are available as well! These have a far better rolling resistance ratings.