PROJECT:Building a remote recorder.

I currently have a replayTV. I love it, but without Cable or Dish network it's kind-of a waste sitting a friends house recording my shows. I have to use the really slow software tools to get the tv shows off the unit and onto a laptop. I want to use something more convienent and with more capabilities like recording 2 channels at once.

So my current project is to build a box from a really nasty old PC (Pentium III 700) and a couple of pvr-250 video cards to record to mpeg and use a nice web interface to make it really easy to adjust recordings from a web browser... then late at night send the files home or have them wait for me to come and retrieve them.

List of parts...

Slackware 11.0
ivtv driver 0.4.7
A pair of PVR-250 recording cards (pvr 150 or 350 are acceptable.. I even think they have the pvr-500 working)

That is the software, a basic install of slackware does most of the important stuff. samba and mysql are there, only compiling ivtv driver and installing it is needed to get the hardware ready to go for use.

More to come on this as I complete each stage.


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