Abandoning Windows.

Vista is pretty much out. the official release date is November 30'th 2006. The requirements and the insane amount of DRM they stuffed into that windows release has me wondering about what direction to go. the only real applications that keep me on Windows is my video editing/ composting hobby and my addiction to C&C generals and UT2004. Ok UT2004 can run under linux pretty good, but command and Conquer will not, Linux video editing absolutely sucks, and Linux DVD authoring is painful to say it nicely. So after playing with what Apple has for video editing, DVD authoring and composting I am finally going to jump ship. I'm going apple and starting to walk away from microsoft completely. My daughter is the only one that will go kicking and screaming as she for some reason like windows (probably only because it's what they have at school and second life is only usable on windows) But my wife loves her Ubuntu Linux computer.

So my goal of going 100$ Microsoft free at home may see the light. The only thing I really need is a anyDVD program for the mac or linux that disables the copy protection on newer dvd's so I can make backups and store the originals... (Ok technically I store the DVD's and I watch the mpeg4 files I store them as on my on demand server in the house.) I might have to keep one windows 2000 box around so I can copy and convert my movies....

Now to see if I can get MythTV to work as good as MediaPortal for a full service on demand video system.


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