Happy Turkey Day!!

Ok, we call it Thanksgiving, it celebrates the trials of the first settlers to this land from anglo europe. Granted, we forget that as soo as we got here we said, "Hey! red people! get off our land!" starting a warm and wonderful tradition of genocide that is the American Dream....

All that aside, Today marks the start of what most people consider the holidays here in the USA. It is pocked with never ending advertising, pressure to spend way more than you have (we will raise your credit limits!) and for humanity to shine in some ways with giving to the needy and unfrotunate (why dont you give all year long?) and for humanity to show it's true nature as how vile and uncaring for others we are when confronted with not only a new "shiney" but a new "shiney" at low low prices!... Tommorow is known as black friday and people and children will be trampled and injured so some idiot can save $5.65 off a toaster or DVD player. To hell with a fellow human being.. I WANT MY TOASTER!!!!!

Why is is I dont really care for the holidays again?