Gearing up for a new diet again.

I was successful on a modified Atkins diet, I lost 56 pounds. But Living atkins is extremely expensive and stinking hard now that all the companies making atkins friendly foods have quit. Cince I dont make the $80,000 a year I used to I cant afford to pay $6-12 a meal anymore.... $0.99 spegetti-o's and other cheap meals are now the goal. Problem is switching from a low carb diet to normal diet causes hell on you. you instantly gain back all the weight, you were used to eating lots, now you cant and getting back to feeling hungry most of the time is hard to do. I decided to switch to the Weight Watchers points system modified for me.. No I'm not paying for it, there is a ton of info on the net about it so you can get all the details yourself easily coupled with the highly illegal wwcalc palm pilot program you can easily keep track of your diet and actually see how well you are doing.. (not so good, first 4 days and I have -4 points banked...)

Now how to get the motivation to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.... I keep finding things to do to avoid it... too cold outside, it's raining, Oh I have to pay bills, phone call, etc....

I know I am not going to lose the weight as fast as I did under atkins, but at least this time I can actually eat food that will not cost a ton anymore. and I get back the one thing I love.... bread... A good sourdough is heaven.

I am tired of being fat... I hope this is a good approach to a system that is sustainable after the weight is lost.... Atkins is not sustainable after you are done unless you are rich enough.


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