Other people's junk and fun with it

I am on a roll this month. I dragged home yet another piece of junk. An old Power Macintosh 9600/233 with 512 meg or ram in it. Yes I know.. it's a 10+ year old computer. But it's got dual Display capability and will use standard PC displays. It's kinda neat dinking around in Internet Explorer 4.1, Photoshop 5 and other really old software apps. It reminds me as to why Macintosh people HATE the Pc and windows so much. The mac is dynamically very different to windows in almost every way. I found it hard to deal with the finding programs by looking in the hard drive as compared to the start menu but quickly became comfortable with it.

which begs a really good question. Why has linux not came out with a desktop manager that mimics the MAC? we fall all over ourselves trying to mimic microsoft yet ignore the simplicity of the MAC os8/os9 user interface. Gnome is close but still has lots of "windowness" in it.

I am still trying to figure out what to do with this relic. It works great but you can not get any updated software for it. I am tempted to gut it and try and mod it's case into a PC case for my son for his next birthday... but I would love to see it used as it is... the thing must have cost well over $4000.00 new.


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