Open Sources dark-side

Every once in a while I come across something that disturbs me and reminds me about humanity and it's darkness. There is a Graphics design software package that I love called Gimp. It is a free and open source graphic editor/design softare that is on par with photoshop (yea, yea, you adobe lovers will say otherwise.) It was designed for linux and BSD forst and has been ported to windows over the past couple of years. In fact if you want a copy, go to Here and get your copy. In my search for it today to install it on my laptop so I can design websites during downtime away from home and work, I searched on google for windows gimp. and ended up at www.wingimp.prg and looking to download it clicked on download... I am welcomed with a order form tryting to charge me $29.95US to download this free software available at the above links. (I am not linking to because I will not give them more traffic to their website.) This is outright disgusting. Charging for open source and freely available software is a bigger crime than someone downloading a cracked copy of some commercial software. Typically copyright infringement in software barely affects the company selling the software, most people that will download an app would not have bought it in the forst place. But making a blatent profit off of something that you do not own or did not create? That in it's self is disgusting.


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