Idea for a new podcast Geo mileage update

I have been scratching my brain for a decent theme/topic for my podcast. The festival / open air recording podcast is not working out well having very little time to go wandering for audio. I decided that after seeing stores abandon my dietary needs for atkins friendly foods that a "low carb podcast" and IPTV show is in order. I am even thinking of adding a new blog here to go with it... In fact, take a look at here for the beginning. No nothing useful there yet, but soon!

Geo mileage update. Ok, i finally got some miles on the thing and I am averaging 36.8mpg in the city and 44.3mpg highway. I recently scabbed a improper muffler to it. In fact it's a $17.00 "turbo" muffler that barely fit without tilting it 45 degrees. hey fixing the exaust system for less than $30.00 and about 2 hours of the father-in-laws garage and welding time works great. It actually has a deep throaty quiet tone now. Quieter on the highway in the vehicel than the good stock muffler. I'mk still not sold on the 2mpg gain I got with setting the camber to 0 degrees. (or was that the caster?) on the frontend. It makes the car quite squirly at 80mph. to the point that you have to pay attention as soon as you get above 70mph. Honestly it handle's ok at 90mph but I only did that as a test on a very empty stretch of interstate looking for handling issues and tire balance issues. (Yes still running on 4 different tire models and at 3 psi over the MAX rating. Yes handling is probably affested by this as well as I KNOW that breaking distance is severely affected.. but hey I'm getting 44+ mpg in a dirt cheap econo box!) After my 3hour + 3 hour commute today, I am convincedthat those that say they would never drive for a long time in a Geo metro are simply whiney babies or do not know what they are talking about. It was very comfortable. Yes the ride is stiff, but not as stiff as a corvette or other sports car. The car is comfortable for a 3 hour commute. and in the heat of battle on 696 in detroit during rush hour it works perfectly fine.

I will post another report after I put another 5 tankfulls through and the colder weather set's in as well as all driving will be with headlamps due to having only 9 hours of daylight and dwindling.


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