Fun with disposable Camcorders.

Many others have heard of this, I'm posting here for those that have not been watching it lately. The CVS disposable camcorder for $30.00 is now super easy hacked (the 3.40 firmware version) Myself and co-workers have cleaned out all CVS stores in my part of the state for these gems. gideon tech and sourceforge download are two hot links to start with. you also need to start reading at camera hacking for the details and to go further. The video quality is decent for this device. it records in Xvid mpeg4 and is certianly very useable for a child. Granted the 3.40 firmware is getting hard to find. We are lucky here to have CVS stores with lots of old stock that were the older version... the newest firmware version is NOT HACKED and will not work until someone at one of the sites above figure it out. I strongly suggest reading everything at the above links before you even think of buying one of these disposable camcorders. That said, it is neat, and the perfect thing to get a child interested in video production. My daughter is already playing with hers emailing videos to friends.


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