Tents, Bents, and cents

Finally found a tent worthy of buying. it's a Cabelas Westwind. Weighs in at 12 pounds and small enough to fit in or on the bike trailer so it's useful for bike camping. I re-waterproofed my old boy scout tent that Jami will be using. I marveled at how older tents were better built than the glorified screen rooms they try to pass of as a tent now-days. honestly I cant wait to get in some camping. I think Lynne and I will go do a quickie camping trip locally on our bikes to get a test run. Lynne really wants to go camping up to Mackinaw but I still do not feel ready. I am having pains in my groin and inner thigh muscles when I pedal much. granted a Bent has a very different pedaling position so it may simply be using muscles that I have not used before.

The bikes are getting more fun as we use them. we tried to take the dog for a walk with the bikes yesterday. Dog loved the run, I hated the panic as she crosses and stops in front of me, Lynne was entertained with the show. I cannibalized a really cheap tripod to make a camera mount for the trike, Lets see if this one works better than the quickie 1/4 inch post I tried last time.

We Sold the RV, nice to have it gone and not worry about selling it or taking up the inlaws yard with it. Lynne Jami and I will miss the thing, but we certainly could not afford to drive it anymore.

BTW: Bent is the slang term for Recumbent which is the style of trike Lynne and I have.