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The END of 2008.

Your cellphone company is ripping you off.

Holidays, Shopping, Work, Family, Friends, Insanity.

Poor man's High end home automation Take II

Open source tv recording... Try #47

Tim's Holiday To-die-For brownies - Warning Dangerous Sweets

Notes on my latest Cider run..

Tim's Version of Apfelwein (German hard apple cider/wine)

My first attempt is in the bottle(s)

Rich mans Home theater on a poor man's budget

The OSS office get's closer.

DTV Changeover PSA

Tmobile G1 Android... too bad it's crippled like the iPhone..

Crestron Adagio programming in Simpl

Time for making booze... Early american style..

SILLY: Blog readability test....

Finishing a personal project....

Obama reverses his promises on technology.

End of Summer....

Future thinking.

More Motorcycle madness...

Secrets of the Lansonic DAS-750pro

Week later: Riding a motorcycle to work...


Fix your Dell alptop Sound recording.

In detroit again

home pvr hd recording soon to be available.

Subwoofer design: Hoow much "flavor" to add.

A car site for Stingy people.

Digital Rebel conumer SLR : the first 48 hours...

Jumping in head first....

hypermiler Insane tips, or how to get better gas mileage.


A great Start to summer...

New camera, New gear, New direction.


Building a time lapse camera for cheap.

Quest for Fuel Economy... Suzuki Sidekick edition.

Rescue a Laptop from a Coca-Cola Death....

Spring Cleaning and Starting Life Re-Direction

Final Cut Pro and the JVC HD7 prosumer HD camcorder.

Tax time... Oh yay.

Final Cut tips and tricks

Happy Easter.... Errr.... Good Friday.

Make a survival kit for camping/sports

Started Yet another new blog....

DTV converter boxes finally available.

The Wise change their minds, Fools Never do.

The death of Culture and Art.

REVIEW: Buffalo PC-P4LWAG LinkTheater

Interesting product.

Disgusted at HDTV and HDDVD.

Downsizing your life....

Back to updating the low carb cook....

Observations, Dreams, and Thoughts.

new Years fun: Windows Failures...

Happy New Year!