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Arduino ESP8266 UDP communication that makes sense

I am working on a way to get 433 door sensors into a real automation system like Crestron without using a RS232 port but instead leveraging the dirt cheap ESP8266.    I decided for simplicity I want to simply do a UDP broadcast on my network of whatever sensor was last tripped that means I dont have to do any configuration to find and configure the device.  I just listen for UDP broadcasts on a specific port.

This also can be used to auto configure your ESP devices.   let them listen on a broadcast port and reply with their IP Address.    so I decided to generate some code to do just that.

Sadly I ran into a problem right away.   Arduino libraries are as poorly documented as C# libraries.   By looking up the documentation on the WiFiUdp.h module you get the bare minimum of info that assumes you know the module already inside and out.   In reality this is not the case and extremely far from it.    One of the most important things they miss is what the hell does Udp.write() want?  I assu…

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