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MXL BCD-1 Review : It's not really living up to all the hype and is more of a scam at their price point

I spent a month researching this mic and review after review said it was awesome.  I checked in forums, etc.  and everyone raves about it...  So I jumped in and ordered 4.    they arrived and in my testing, they sound great just like an SM58.   With the promise of better side and rear rejection at my small recording table I was ready for this better recording.....

Until real life happened....    People at a recording table don't sit quietly, they do things,  type on laptops, bump etc....   They touch the table.   and on that table previously with SM58 mics into $5.00 china cheap shock mounts on mid-level priced mic boom arms.....  it sounded good.   With the BCD-1's it sounds like utter garbage.    I hear every table touch and knock clearly in every single mic.  and worse there is a vibration ringing that I never knew was there in every single mic.

I was horrified,   these mics supposedly amazing mics with built-in high-end shock mounting are picking up every single noise on …

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