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Ham Radio D-Star... What they dont tell you.

A lot of hams want to get into the new digital modes and end up frustrated. Having helped people get this working, I needed to share this with everyone.

DStar is more popular with more repeaters but the documentation that comes with the radio will not get you on the air, and Dstar is very convoluted and not very well though out for a user point of view.  But it's not too hard once you get the correct information that seems to be hard to come by.

First, the reason nobody ever hears you on the local repeater is because Icom Radios DO NOT setup a dstar connection in any way when you setup a repeater.   you havet o go in and enter a lot of other information first that could be automated by the radios.

To make it easy...   you have 4 fields   MY, RPT1,RPT2,UR    These are as follows

MY = your callsign
RPT1 = the repeater you are connected to 8 characters long (I'll get to that in a second)
RPT2 = where are you connecting to, 99.9% of the time it's the repeater's gateway 8 …

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