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Why I am abandoning Sonos: They are ruining the platform

I have been an avid Sonos fan for decades.... yes from the beginning I was on the Sonos wagon and loved it.    even to the point that I abandoned an in house audio multi-zone system for it.    and it was great until about 3 years ago when they started changing how Sonos really works.

Before when you had the controller remotes everything worked locally.   I could play and command everything locally so if the internet was out it still worked and everything was awesome.    It was flawless for years.   I kept buying and upgrading until I ended up with 8 rooms of stereo audio,  that's 16 speakers!   Added Sirius XM to it and it was awesome we could all listen to what we wanted!

And then something changed.   I was no longer able to listen to Sirius XM in multiple rooms,  pandora stopped connecting reliability and the speakers took forever to start playing music...    and then the connection for integration stopped working reliability.... every update to Sonos degraded the platform more a…

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