Recumbent Trikes rock

We got our Sun EZ-Tad SX trikes today. It's 90 degrees out, we are standing in a non air-conditioned bike shop and today is their most popular day. There has to be at least 30 people jammed in freewheelers bike shop along with about 800 bikes. After getting them loaded on the car (one inside, the other on the roof with 85 bungee cords holding it.) we Brave Grand rapids downtown traffic at 5:10PM on a friday. to get home. the Air-conditioning in the house feels nice but I sit out in the sun adjusting My trike for me while sweating like a maniac and fending off mosquitos and then finally coaxed lynne outside to adjust hers. Both of us acting like we were 8 years old on christmas day and can't wait to take a ride.

First, Tadpole trikes take some fast education. 1 - steering and breaking is different. WAY different. I got up to 20 mph and got it up on 2 wheels in a turn without trying. Then hitting the brakes wrong will get you to almost spin out. but after a 1 hour ride in the neighborhood at 8-9mph Lynne and I are hooked. Comfy ride, no balance issues to even think about. we need blinkers and lights as well as flags to get the attention of the idiots on the road but the trikes make biking fun again for both of us. This is going to be a great way to get in shape for us.

I think the coolest part was we were talking and pedaling and neither of us realized we were climbing a hill. hills are incredibly easy in a recumbent trike. we can drop down to granny gear and chug up the hill without feeling exhausted.

recumbent tadpole Trikes completely rock.