Product review: Auto Cool solar car vent

This device is known as the auto cool and is available at Autocool or sold through various stores. It's idea is sound unfortunately they screwed it up bad. It is basically a plastic case and a rubber gasket. inside the plastic case is a really low grade computer fan and a solar cell on the front. They decided to make it incredibly cheap so they used a $1.00 retail quality fan that has a sleeve bearing instead of a ball bearing and they cheeped out so badly on the solar panel that if it's high noon on a sunny day the fan will not spin unless the car window it is hanging in is pointed directly at the sun.

Now when it is running full speed, it moves so little air it makes no difference. It's a great idea that was half-baked and passed off as a real product.

it's worth about $2.95, and does not work. I fixed mine by putting a decent quality computer fan in it and a $49.00 car charger solar panel on the back deck window. that setup works great! moves air like a maniac and keeps my black car cool. you can actually feel the air move.

So if you buy one of these and add another $60.00 worth of parts and 1 hour of time it works great... out of the box, it's garbage. Complete garbage.

Do NOT buy it.