Why I think Android tablets are a failure...

I spent the past 2 months fiddling with Android based Ebooks and tablets. From the Archos to the IRobot to the no name brands. They all fail horribly, event with a tech guy owning it. ALL of them need hacks to get a better android install on them. Then there are battery issues as android will wake up on it's own at random times and not going back to sleep... This makes the battery die when not used, so you need to power it off.. making it take 60 seconds to boot to read a book or use the tablet.... Fail.

The iPad is wonderful. I used one a lot to see it''s advantages, I just can not get past the price point. It's just too darn expensive.

I need a tablet that will read PDF's from all sources flawlessly. none of the Android devices can do this. I need it to go 3 days between charging if use lightly. Heck 1 long day in airports being used for 6 hours straight reading... would be enough.

I also need it to be fast response when I use it, not sluggish.

Again fail.

I am getting rid of my android tablets and buying a sony ereader. It's scary that the company that is king of making sub par everything or treating it's customers like criminals makes the best ereader device under $300.00....


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