Geeks and Gaming.. RPG's with technology...

I was drawn into RPG gaming once again in my life as I have mentioned.. Last night I ran a RPG game that was my own mish-mash of Morrow Project and Gurps. But I added a twist. I tried to bring in as much technology as possible. No not in game technology.. real in my hands technology... Laptop for tracking stats in game. photos, images, plans, but also sound files and video.

It really impressed the players.. no interruption on my part to say "you hear....." I simply started playing the file and waited.. it worked better than I could have imagined. while they were talking I started playing a file into a set of headphones that was the "radio techs" headphones... they were sitting near him but not on his head.. another player noticed it and mentioned that something was making noise..

Worked great.. Instead of a "perception roll" I used the players own attention spans. it made it all feel more cinematic.


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