new Google TV failing to impress people....

I have been investigating the GoogleTV. And initial reactions are not good. all over Logitech's own forums are posts about major problems and limitations.

Logitech's revue forums

It seems that the media player portion does not play most videos but only some videos. Playing an AVCHD stream with DTS... what most HD camcorders record today... Does not work. that alone is an EPIC FAIL on Google's part. Browser problems as well as stability problems seem to be plaguing the device heavily.

This does not surprise me. I have tried every other Logitech Media device made and they all were horribly engineered devices playing a very limited subset of video and had lots of other issues... like no rewind... Logitech was not the right choice to make this device. They make good mice, ok keyboards, and decent webcams... That's about it.


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