Android for RPG and PnP Gaming....

Recently I bough a Pandigital Novel to get a android tablet for hacking around on. It runs Android 2.0 so it's the most "up to date" Android tablet that exists and is easy to hack to get to the underlying android OS. My first search was for a PDF reader, I needed a way to read all the gaming PDF files I have to eliminate the carrying a metric ton of books problem. Android is missing a good PDF reader. RepliGo is OK, but it has problems rendering many PDF files, and it only loads a page at a time so flipping through the book is very slow. 3-5 second page turns.

The other problem I found is there is almost no gaming apps. Nothing compared to the iPad/iPhone. This is not a problem as writing an app for the android is not hard, just you need the time to do it.

The other is that all the Android Tablets can not get on the app store. So that means you need to do software pirate tricks to get software you buy to run on the tablet. I was able to buy a copy of RepliGo and then had to do some hacker moves to get it extracted as a APK to install manually on the tablet.

Tablet's have a possibility of being a BIG part of RPG and PnP gaming. problem is the software is not there and the platforms are a bit difficult to get apps installed if it's not blessed. Android does allow you to write the app and not have it on the store, but 99.97% of all app writers do not release raw apk files.

Hopefully someone will make a nice character sheet app to start with for android tablets. It's a killer app that a lot of people could use.


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