The OSS office get's closer.

The latest release of Open Office .org, Mozillas last release of their email client, thunderbird, and now one of the last key parts is very useable. OpenGoo.

Open Source CRM and collaboration systems have been lacking. They are either crippled free versions of over sized commercial products, or they were small projects for a guy that was doing what he wanted.

The release of OpenGoo 1.0 changed that. I can now look at going to a 100% open source office. Quasar accounting replaces Quickbooks, so you can run your office 100% linux and OSS and eliminate all those pesky software fees and liabilities.

Except for one thing. I have to keep OSX and FCP suite. Linux simply does not have a videoediting and composting suite that can even hold a candle near what I can do with FCP. I hope someday one shows up, but I'm not holding my breath.