Notes on my latest Cider run..

I am brewing with a Montrachet yeast for this run as noted in the last post. My LBS guy is excited that someoen else around here is making Cider and he recommended I try the EC-1118 yeast from LaLvin. it's actually cheaper but I guess it's a very good cider yeast.

Batch #3 will use this different yeast strain. I need to buy a 3rd 3 gallon better bottle so I can have a couple of batches going... also after trying to find a place for my 12 bottles from my first batch I realized I need a wine rack. as in 3 months I'll be having another 12 bottles needing a place to call home for 6 months while they age.

I am giving up with making a "sweet" hard cider. Other than maybe using a wine conditioner to kill all yeast and then a sweetening with sugar before bottling. The actual steps used to make a real sweet irish cider are so complex I'm not even going to try it. I'm in this for the easy cider.. Beer and Wine are far more work than this.. Although Mead is almost as simple as Cider so I'll mead it up as well....


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