My first attempt is in the bottle(s)

Well my "hard cider" is bottled. I let it clairify and then I filtered it using a wine filter. It's still a little cloudy due to the pectin from being a real fresh pressed cider. The LBS guy (Local Brewing Store) said my 3 gallon carboy would fill 9 wine bottles... 12 bottles later I'm dumping the last of the filters stuff into a glass for me to taste.

Oops, I made German ApfelWein instead of hard cider. I added a pound of tupelo honey to it for flavor and boosting the sweetness. That made it high octane and way past cider... It has a hint of mead flavor from the honey... I'm hoping aging it for 6 months in the bottles will help define the flavors. I drank a 1/2 a glass and feel a bit of a buzz.. This will mix well with 7up.

I'm going to start a new batch with frozen apple juice concentrate. Make it stronger than normal for a more "appley" flavor and use table sugar instead of honey to get more of a cider taste to it. Hopefully it will be ready for Ren season in the spring. nothing says fun like drunken rennies after hours at faire.


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