Tmobile G1 Android... too bad it's crippled like the iPhone..

Got to play with a G1 today. It's neat! it's got potential.. I dont want one. Just like how after digging into it I dont want a iPhone.

I want my phone to be a phone first and foremost. It needs to be insane about getting and keeping me a signal for telephone calls first and then all the other crap second. I've been a heavy smartphone users ever cince Qualicomm came out with their palm/phone hybrid that was horrid at best. It was the first smartphone and it sucked. Fast foreward 10 years and smartphone still suck. I'm sitting here with a dead Treo, a almost dead Blackjack, I have owned almost all other ones. The Q and iPaq both sucked as phones... The Razr was one of the best I had but outside their advertising it's NOT a smartphone. Smartphones must have a a full keyboard or a giant touchscreen. Too many phones on the market are marketed as smartphones and in reality they are not.

I dont want to be forced to T-moble.. their coverage is horrid in the USA and their roaming is as bad as cingular/att is. In fact i'm in roaming territory for Tmobile... I live in a tiny town of 120,000 so I understand... AT&T/Cingular/whoever they are this week has 1 freaking tower in town. and they program their towers to not hand off your call to a non cingular tower unless it has to, and then you usually have a dropped call. you always have 1-2 bars even though a friend with another service (GSM as well) has a full 5 bars and that company has a roaming agreement with AT&T.

iphone sucks and G1 sucks for two MAJOR reasons... the phone is locked down hard. they choose what apps you get and you gotta buy them from the approved place. Unlike a symbian,java or WM6 phone where you can download any app and install it. no thanks, it's my phone you cant control it.

So I am actually downgrading to a smartphone that has the highest ratings for phone and airtime and stability.... Nokia e62. I found an unbranded one that does not have the cingular screwed up firmware. so it's good.

Buy the latest? why? I dont want to give someone about $1000.00 for a new phone (phone+contract worth) Cellphone contracts are evil, I'm month to month right now with AT&T and when a decent GSM carrier comes along that will give me service that is better than a cheap CB radio I'll jump away from cingular to them...

But I have yet to find a cellphone service company that does not suck. They all seem to pride themselves in how poor of service they can provide.