Crestron Adagio programming in Simpl

Ok this one is going to be extra geeky. I just spent a few hours finally tearing apart the Adagio AES and figuring out how to NOT use systembuilder to program it. First a rant. Crestron, stop it. you did not need to lock everything to simply try and make us that want to use it in simpl to be annoyed. I can not see any logical reason to lock this up like that.

OK, create a simpl project, use a AES as a processor. comment out the tuner card types you dont have.

Now set a analog join for your zone source select on both the AES front panel interface and the c2i-adg-audio items. Do this also for volume. you need the silly built in system to release the standby.

Now, to gain volume control you MUST set the max and min volume settings on the c2i-adg-audio device.

select the source, turn on that zone, set volume. you're golden. Now write a sane project to control this instead of the systembuilder mess that make these act very sluggish.

I know they want to sell these as a "entry level" system, but honestly they need to not annoy us out here selling and programming their gear.


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