Time for making booze... Early american style..

It's fall. The air is crisp. The leaves are full of color. Harvesting of the fruits is happening... Time to make the most american drink there is. HARD CIDER.

I've been thinking of this for 3 years now. Been gonna, I shoulda, heck I'm doing it. I found a local store that has microbrew supplies so I no longer have an excuse. I have campaign yeast, I have fermentation locks, I have all I need. No more excuses. Oh I also have 2 gallons of unpasteurized, no preservatives 2 day old fresh pressed juice. (what the many mistakenly call "cider") I'm gonna do it. I have no excuses. All I need to do is heat the juice to kill any bacteria blend in the honey to make it have a bit more "kick" and let it ferment.... Crap. I need 3 GALLONS! well I discovered that "great value" frozen apple juice at Walmart has no preservatives.. I can use that to make up the 3rd gallon. So it will still taste good as I have 2/3'rds good juice and 1'3rd ultra mediocre juice.

I'm going for a unfiltered "cloudy" cider. I don't want to make it a 2 month process by running a clarify stage. I'll post a full running commentary as well as the exact recipe and procedure here for everyone to try.

Cider making is a time honored American tradition. the 20's and the old-biddy prohibition killed hard cider and caused beer to over take it in popularity in america. Plus this seems to be way cheaper than buying 6 packs of Woodchuck cider at $9.25 each.


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