Subwoofer design: Hoow much "flavor" to add.

I have been designing award winning subwoofers for decades now. I have always designed my own and shunned anything you can buy as utter junk. Problem is I have not built one for nearly 6 years and it was time I fixed that. I decided to design a subwoofer that was small for the storage floor area of the Suzuki. I wanted it short to not take up much room and to be very effective. Ok I want to be able to thump country music at some kid louder than he can play his music... I'm evil.

So I went with a basic vented design with 4 seperate chambers to make it rigid and to make it tighter in the bass department. I used 1" MDF so it's heavier than heck. it seems to thump very well, so I started tuning it. computer called for 2.5" long 2" ports. I ended with 2" long 1.25 ports and doubled them.

Oh yeah. for 4 - 6" woofers it thumps harder than most store bought dual 12" subs. gotta love it.


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