Jumping in head first....

Ok, It's close to the middle of 2008 and the Stimulus checks and tax refunds are rolling in. This year looks great to me and my family because the business is starting to take off. We have 3 paid photography and Videography gigs this summer, with several smaller jobs starting to line up. Our spring "training" that get's us ready for the year is spending both weekends in may at the Mayfaire Ren faire taking photos and video to get used to the cameras and working the gear.

3000 photos and 6 hours of HD footage later we were ready, but had a problem. One of our main Digital SLR cameras is starting to flake out, PLUS I had to clean the sensor twice in 1 week. That means the seals are going bad... CRAP. Beginning of the season and we are starting to have equipment failures. Granted that's the part of doing business, but when you dont make enough cash to barely cover your expenses you dont have room over to replace a $500.00 camera or a $800.00 lens. Honestly I kind of expected it. The S1's are about 9 years old now. They still take incredible photos, In fact they hold their own against even newer 8MP digital SLR cameras like the 20D but I cant have awesome photos with black sensor dust spots all over them. So it's time to spend money we dont have.

Lynne and I had plans for the Stim check. Tires for both vehicles, maybe a vacation up at mackinaw island.... Dreams.... and they come crashing down.

So the choices are, throw in the towel and contact the customers and tell them they need to find a new coverage crew, or buy new gear.

$1500.00 later... 2 new Canon Rebel XL cameras and 4 lenses and accessories. Great cameras, they shoot as good as the S1/S2 cameras. The 50mm prime does a good job, as does the horribly overpriced wide angle zoom lens I got for a steal. (normally $900.00 I got it used for $280.00) We are back ready, kinda.... I need to use the new cameras and get used to them.

I guess this Photography/Video business is going to happen. Time to give it my all and to hell with what happens...