Digital Rebel conumer SLR : the first 48 hours...

Let me preface this with the fact that I have been using PRO SLR digitals for a long time now. I jumped on when Fuji came out with the S1 pro and was a devout Fuji pro SLR guy for a long time. I have done some major and minor events and even have my photos published in a photo coffee book for one of the events. I also have done my share of studio work on corporate products, awards, etc... Recently my Digital SLR's started to fail and have large amounts of dirt in them on the sensor. Granted they all are 3+ years old (some way older) and have an average of 30,000 photos taken on each with my oldest S1 over 100,000 images. I needed to replace them and started looking at the Canon cameras as the latest rounds of Fuji S5 cameras have had issues.

I started looking at the 5D and other pro full frame canon cameras, but a friend handed me his 20D and a rebel XT and I shot with it for 3 weeks. I was hooked. For less than $500.00 I can get a XT with a battery grip and a focus screen installed and get as good of photos as the high end digital SLR's. Plus if a body dies I care a lot less and can afford to have a couple of spare cameras waiting.

I chose the Rebel XT because of price and that it's 8MP is more than enough for magazine, book and 11X17 prints also it's cost is incredibly low compared to everything else. This allowed me to spend more on lenses. The photos are phenomenal, the Rebel XT takes photos as good as my "flagship" Fuji S3 Pro with it's good lens. when I did a studio shot with both cameras using 50mm prime lenses not even my expert friends could tell the difference between the Rebel XT image and the S3's image even though the S3 has a "12 megapixel" image it really only resolves to about 8 before you get blurring because of how they get that 12 megapixel. both has the same amount of noise or "grain" as my buddy calls it. At first I hated how light and small the XT was. I love the feel of the big old SLR and the weight. But after adding the battery grip and some real glass to the front it has a good heft now that reduces the body shakes everyone has.

Basically, I see no reason as a pro to ever buy a pro digital SLR. I don't care about impressing the other photographers only my clients. by choosing a "cheap" camera I can get better lenses than my competition and deliver better product at a lower cost and liability.

and that is where it counts. I am so enthralled with this camera that as you can read below on my other posts, I have bought 2 of them so far and decided to ramp up and go from published pro to a photo studio owner.


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