There are a TON of reviews out there panning the GZ-HD7 as a under performer and claiming it has glaring flaws. Problem is they are comparing it to regular Consumer HD camcorders unfairly as well as comparing the IS to the worlds best IS system found only on Canon cameras.

First Look: The GZ-HD7 looks like a real camcorder and not one of those toys that you see a family carry around. The HV20 from canon looks like a fisher price toy and it also feels like one. The HV30 is the same camera with some minor upgrades and a downgrade of removing the standard camera shoe. The GZ-HD7 does have some "look" that is false. the lens hood when you inspect it and know about cameras is 100% fake. it's useless as it does not shadow the lens at all. It's only there to make it obvious to onlookers that the camera is not a consumer grade point and shoot camcorder. The first thing you really need to do is replace it with a filter adapter and a UV filter coupled with a real rectangular lens hood. this instantly makes a huge difference in outdoor shooting. Honestly for a pro or semi-pro this camera is laid out awesome. you have instant access to shutter, aperture, gain and other settings. some reviews claim you cant change the gain, you can, you just have to turn off AGC first.

Bad points: If you want a point and shoot camcorder, do NOT get this camcorder. you will hate it and you will not record good video. it is not for the person that knows nothing about advanced camera use. In full auto mode you get purple fringing on high contrast borders, and the exposure is too bright. This is to compensate for unknowing consumers who try to videotape at the zoo or theme park without effort. the warm color balance is awesome and makes everything you shoot look better but many semi-pros do not like that (I personally do as it matches commercial broadcasts.) The failures are because of the AGC and the fact that you CAN NOT use a camcorder outside without a ND filter. most reviews out there panning the outdoor recording simply are not educated enough in videography to use a ND filter on their camera. By adding a ND4 filter many of the outdoor auto recording failures are reduced significantly. The only way to get rid of them completely is to record in manual mode.

MORE to COME... including sample clips from the camcorder it's self.


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