hypermiler Insane tips, or how to get better gas mileage.

Ok I dont get it, some "hypermiler" gas saving tips are plain old STUPID. My favorite is "when you are coasting to your parking spot if you have too much speed to pull in your parking spot, coast to a different spot or go around for a second time so you will be slower."

Since when does touching the brakes use gas??? are these people nuts? Talk of removing the alternator, overinflation of the tires way over the "safe limit" and other completely nuts tips are really giving hypermiling a bad reputation.

Best tips to get Awesome gas mileage...

1 - check your ties inflation. inflate to the correct pressure. Most cars have low pressure in their tires.

2 - replace your air filter and fuel filter. These clogged will hurt gas mileage.

3 - Tune up. another item that almost never get's done.

4 - Front end alignment. A bad alignment will eat up gas mileage.

5 - SLOW DOWN. 75-80mph on the highway will use way more gas than cruising at 65, you really are not that important to get there earlier. Save a lot of gas and slow down.

6 - DRIVE SMART. Doing the drag race to the next light is not only a dumb way to drive, it's also eating gas faster than anything else. accelerate slowly and time the lights so you do not have to stop.

Do the above 6 things and you will get the MOST gas mileage your car can give you without major modifications. Do not be tempted to do the "drafting" or tailgating these people recommend. Yes it saves gas, but it is highly dangerous and will cause road rage from other drivers. you don't have the right to endanger others to safe a couple of bucks.

Finally when you need to buy tires, try and get Low Rolling resistance tires. these will help your fuel economy as well. also if you are in the market for a new car, research the best gas mileage vehicles and use that as your shopping guide. I have yet to meet someone that truly needs a Suburban XLT to drive every day. Most larger families CAN get away with a minivan or smaller car.


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