A great Start to summer...

This past weekend we did the "Ren Faire" thing and spent the weekend at the Marshall MI Mayfaire Renaissance Faire. I got to really try out my fig-rig copy, the new HDTV camera and well as have fun playing. Some of the greatest friends I have were there and we all had a great time. I spent the weekend as the court's "piss boy" or the lowest of the low servant. I had a BLAST. I got a great deal on a real Scottish great kilt and even had the excitement of a lightning strike 200 feet from the tent.

A great start to the year, I also made some business contacts and will be shooting a "howto" video for a business there for their sales and how to wear the great kilt. I am looking forward to editing all the HD footage to create a updated mayfaire video that will give the taste of the faire to all.