REVIEW: Buffalo PC-P4LWAG LinkTheater

forever in search of a decent way to watch media the way it should be in the 21's century I have tried many different media centers. This time I try the Buffalo Linktheater PC-P4LWAG. It held promise and there are lots of shining reviews online. Problem is the shining reviews were from people that never actually touched or used the device.

First, It's video comaptability is extremely limited. the Old Dlink DSM-320 device from 3 years ago had better video file compatability. and that player sucked. This one had promise with a decent interface and a rewind and fast forward that actually worked. Problem is those nice features are offset by constant lockup's that require a pen to press the reset button. An incredibly slow interface taking 10's of minutes at time to update. And finally it refused to play over 60% of the mpeg4, divx and mpeg2 files we had. ALL of these files played on the DSM-320.

Reccomendation? dont buy the buffalo device. It's not worth $99.00 let alone the $250.00 it's going for. hopefully some day some company will make a real media player device. Until then your only choice is a old Xbox running Xbox media center.


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