The death of Culture and Art.

We were thinking about going to see a play. Take the family and see real actors on the stage. Something that is better than staring at a screen full of overpaid actors. So we start searching, Monty Python's SPAMALOT on stage! great! So I click on buy tickets...

they start at $200.00 per ticket and go up to $700.00 are they INSANE? This is a play, these are supposed to be real actors that do not get insane pay. I guess that has all changed. Theater has turned into a "for the rich only" affair. No culture for you that make less than $80,000.00 a year. Even the local small theaters are trying to get $150.00 a seat to see a play. Only the community theater or the college is still charging sane prices less than $50.00 a seat.

I guess this goes in hand with paying $750.00 for nosebleed seats to see the Eagles and other concerts charging outrageous prices.


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