Interesting product.

At the local Evil store (walmart) we were shopping and discovered an interesting product. Hillside brand self heating beverages and soup. It uses the same tech the MRE's use for heating but in a can form. Being a guy who has tasted canned ready to drink coffee, I skipped that and went to the hot-cocoa and Tomato Soup. I was pleasantly surprised at it's flavor. It was not offensive like most off brands. The Hot Cocoa was actually quite enjoyable. Only thing I discovered that they should have put on the label, is to shave very well first before heating and consuming. the beverage from sitting on a shelf for about a year has settled.

I have not tried the coffee's they offer as I do not like cream and sugar in my coffee and honestly coffee not made from fresh beans just ground and then recently brewed is nasty. so I will not like it. It's a great idea that works well for camping or travel. It's expensive, $2.00 a can at walmart.. $4.00 a can elsewhere, but is a neat idea. Honestly it's not a great value, as you can heat a cup of water in a microwave in 2 minutes and mix in a $0.29 package of cocoa mix and have it faster than this and far cheaper.

It's a good idea for construction guys or camping.


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