Observations, Dreams, and Thoughts.

This weekend was recovering from the FLU. Lynne and I went to friends house for the weekend and got sick. It's the first time we have had a winter flu for over 2 years now, and we hate it. I learned years ago working Corporate IT that you constantly wash your hands and be careful to not catch what others have.... This weekend we forgot, plus they have a little 2 year old and we both caught it. Both of us realized that we really need to get healthier, and this simply amplified it to us. Sitting here sick, we started talking and dreaming, we started talking about living in exotic locations like Alaska and Minnesota (yeah we are wierd that way...) So we started looking at real estate for fun.... All I can say is those people are nuts. $200,000.00 for a dump on 3 acres in the middle of nowhere. Almost every place we looked at was a dump that would not even pass code here in Michigan. AND they wanted huge money for them, no they were not on decent amounts of land, biggest was 3.5 acres. We would love to find a small place to be a "vacation" place until we are ready to retire, I would love enough land and rural enough so I can have alternative energy sources (Solar wind, etc...)

Oh well, someday..... maybe the housing crash will hit hard enough to bring housing prices back to normal.


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