Disgusted at HDTV and HDDVD.

There is a little know fact that the stores and manufacturers of HDTV's and HDDVD/BluRay players do not want you to know. It's a dirty secret that will bite thousands if not tens of thousands of people in the butt.

Basically, if you bought an older HDTV, you will never be able to use a HDDVD or BluRay player on it to get a HD picture. Every single player on the market has component video outputs. This component video connection has the ability to do 1080p, the current highest resolution for HDTV. Every single HDTV set made has these connections and they were all you had from sets only a few years ago.

so many people are bringing home a new HD-DVD player or BluRAY player and hooking them up and thinking they see a little better picture, in reality they are not seeing what they paid for. Every single Player DISABLES HD resolutions on HDTV sets using the component inputs if the disk has a "copy-protection flag" on it. Every single disc made has this flag.

Once again the consumer is screwed. I recommend to most everyone I know to NOT buy HD-DVD or BluRAY at all. buy a good up converting DVD player and spend far less money for almost as good (or even better in some cases) HDTV.


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