Linksys WIP300 review

I have had my linksys WIP300 for a couple of days now. and There are likes and dislikes about it. First for a $200.00 phone it feels really REALLY cheap. Toy cheap. My $35.00 Samsung cheapie cellphone form 2 years ago feels 100 times better than this phone. IT is made from really cheap and thin plastic and weighs almost nothing. The directional stick has a "gummy" sticker on it for added grip that makes it feel even cheaper.

It works well with asterisk and Free World Dialup. it seems to be happy with accesspoints and a seasoned SIP/VoIP user can easily configure it and use it. But the problem I have is that I use Broadvoice and this phone is 100% incompatable with them. I have tried gto configure this phone 7 ways to wednesday and it will not register to Broadvoice servers. Change the settings to a different provider like FWD and it works instantly. (Now Broadvoice does not work with STUN servers so this makes Broadvoice useless to almost all Wireless 802.11 phones or anything with NAT which is every single open wireless accesspoint on the planet.) I have tried many ways to get it to work and it will not. IT workes perfectly and instantly with my ASterisk server and other services though.

IF a color screen and cellphone look is extremely important to you then get this phone. if you want a phone that is worth what you pay then get someone elses brand of WIFI VoIP phone. The WIP300 is very cheaply built and is only really worth 60% of it's low retail value of $199.99 from a place like Voxilla. (the retail of $250.00 is nuts and should not be paid for this lowend of a phone.)

I really hope that a real phone company starts to make VoIP phones. Nokia really needs to do this....