End of an era and the looming of troubled waters.

This is 2 days before I am finally done with working here. I start my new job Monday and am excited as a kid on Christmas morning. I am officially screwing off the rest of this week so this should be the fun time, saying goodbye to friends I have worked with for 7 years and tie things up.

Nope, that had to get complicated... On my way home last night from work I got a frantic call from my soon to be wife that I need to call my daughters cellphone and listen to the message. My daughter decided that her friends were more fun and she needs to "run-away" from home. Now don t look at this from a weird angle. She is pretty much spoiled at home, has very few restrictions, has most everything she wants and I even quit my job and career to be home more for her. No verbal abuse, no abuse of any kind. it's that she is easily talked into things by her friends and she for some reason likes to be a follower instead of a leader. She was highly unsuccessful as she forgot my resources and friends. We had her back safely home withing 6 hours. So my final days are filled with major stress, trying to figure out what she was thinking, arranging therapy to try and find out what is going on and how to correct the "follower" mental attitude she has. Lynne and I simply hugged her and told her we loved her. My Ex (her mother) started to lay down the law which I do not agree with doing in this situation.

I know that some of the problems are the rotten rich brats at her school that think that teasing and tormenting is a fun thing as well as the fact that teenage boys are retarded morons (and will be that way until 19-25 depending on IQ) that think that girls like guilt trips.. So lots of things need to be dealt with before she implodes.

It was so much easier growing up in the 80's. Kids were not complete and total jerks then.


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