First day on the new job and a review

Today is my first day on the job and this is absolutely great! I am allowed to do my job, my ideas to save money and do things better are actually given consideration unlike the policy at my last job of doing whatever the VP of operations thinks is best. We are going to go foreward with 21st century technology instead of trying to act like it 's 1988 like they do in corperate land.

I have a review of a toy I picked up this weekend. Its the aiptek mvpr 2k6 mpeg4 camcorder/digital camera.

This device at first feels "cheap" like a toy. it claims to have gobs of functions but really is only useful for 2 things. A inexpensive digital camera and a digital mpeg4 camcorder.

Now, considering the cost you have to lower your expectations. as a digital camera it's a decent low end 3 megapixel camera. no zoom, no decent optics, no real features. but it takes pretty good photos for a cheapie camera. AS for the video recording, it does somewhat well. It has VHS quality at it's highest setting. It is great for dinking around with the family on vacation or messing around on the weekend. it will not give you DV quality or quality anywhere near a $250.00 DV camcorder. Do not expect to edit the footage or do anything but save it on a CD or on the PC for later memories.

It has digital stabilaziation which is nice except that in low light it will jump. Batteries are dirt cheap at $14.00 each (get 1 more you will need it) and it uses SD cards for recording (1gig gives you 48 minutes of video) so it's cheap to operate, small to keep in your pocket, and is nice for having with you all the time. I consider the video recording to be the primary use with the capability to take a photo secondary. it is very slow at taking photos taking almost 2 seconds from push to having 3 flashes hapen to getting the photo so family and friends need to stand still for a long time for a good photo.

At a theme park this thing is perfect. cheap so you dont care if it get's broken, easy to fit in your pocket so you do not have to lug a camera around, and perfect for those on-ride shots!

if you want a cheap camcorder to get acceptable video from and be tiny as well as mpeg4 capable this is the device. if you want good video get the sanyo Xactiv HD mpeg4 unit. it records FANTASTIC but is $500.00 compared to $99.00...


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