The Wierdness of timing in life

For the past year I have been torn. I have been trying desperately to sell my home to move closer to work which is about 160 miles away, without any luck. The real estate market in Michigan is completely and utterly tanked. Nobody is buying and everyone is selling. To top it off, Southern Michigan near Detroit has millions of people that think their little piles of crap they call a house is worth 3 times what a nice house in mid Michigan is worth, making it difficult for a professional used to living in a cute and modest home in a good neighborhood to pay another $100,000.00 for a crap shack south of eight mile in the badder parts of Detroit. It's either that or live an hour away from work and still pay 2 arms and 3 legs for your house. Anyways, up until a few days ago I was all ready to cast fate to the wind and in the face of all the logic I could put together move towards flint and drive 1 hour and 20 minutes (with light traffic) into and from work each day knowing full well that my income will not pay for everything and we will slowly spiral the drain of finical ruin in hopes that the promises made to me by upper management will actually come to pass and I would get a raise.

A good friend of mine called me and offered me a job working for him using my expert abilities to help further his business and allow me to be home with my family, enjoy work, and not live my life at work or in the car. It's for less money but coupled with not moving to the land of insane real estate prices I end up ahead.

So I am leaving my job of 7 years. The first time in almost 18 years I am working for a very small company that I will be able to help shape and grow. My skills will make or break the company.... That is scary. But it's far better than living my life as a cubicle dweller always having that carrot in front of you that you can never reach because they keep moving it.

I'm excited.... and frightened at the same time.


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