Joys of Home Security.

Well I finally have deiced to buy a home security system and have learned that the world of home security is full of scumbags, thieves and shady characters. I am technically capable. Hell I have designed 3 electronic products, can program in 4 languages, built a computer from the chip level and can deal with most electronics with my eyes closed, So i decdied that I want to buy and install my alarm myself. No reason to pay some guy to come and butcher my house with a really long drill bit and to program something that is less complicated than a VCR.

This is when I learned that alarm companies will not sell you equipment. In michigan they somehow got a law passed that it is illegal for you to buy security equipment without a license. AND these scumbag Security companies will set something called and Installer Code and LOCK your panel to force you to contact them or service. Calling any other service company will be worthless because they do not know the installer code. Why alam panel manufacturers even put in these "features" is beyond me.

So off to Ebay I go. I now must beak the law to get a securtity system for my home.

I so love how in the land of the free I must resort to criminal behaivoir in order to do day to day things.


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