Fun with wireless.

I do not have the cable modem moved yet. Comcast is as slow as the phone company in getting things done, so I am without Internet at home.... WEll sort of. I have my neighbors wireless I am using right now. But I cant get my replayTV to register to the service to keep it operating in playback mode until they decide to finally get over here to hook up the Cable.

So I did what every Linux hacker does. I cheated.

I took my Fiancee's Ubunto box that has a wireless PCI card in it that actually works under Linux and hooked my replay into it's Ethernet port. enabled ipv4 forwarding and added a touch of iptables magic like (/sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o ath0 -j MASQUERADE) and poof! the replay can use the wireless connection on her pc to the neighbors to authenticate so it will keep working for a while....

This got me thinking, How to make a great Internet "borrowing" system that works like a regular internet connection.

Here's my idea. USB 802.11b/g that works with linux. break it and stick it's antenna on a home built quadrant antenna that is at the focal point of a thrown away Dish network dish mounted on the roof and pointed at a neighbors house for full signal strength. run that to the linux box configured for forewarding and nat and run from ethernet to a wireless router of your own in the house.

Voila! wireless in your home courtesy of the neighbors! Ok, it might not be kosher but it would work great for camping.


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