Violate Federal laws in your Living room!

I have decided to actually head to the future instead of wallowing in current technology in regards to movies and entertainment at home. I have bought a pair of DSM-320 Media center units for my televisions at home to watch the Tv shows we record on my ReplayTV as well as our Movies we own without having to drag the delicate DVD discs all over the house. It actually works great. you can back up your DVD's and Tv shows to the hard drive of a server or your PC at home and all the DSM-320's can play back that media.

Unfortunately the laws passed by the corrupt government here in the United States makes me a Felon for doing so. Same with copying my CD's to my Ipod. It seems that what I am doing is violating the DMCA and is therefore a felony. Yes, you guessed it, Playing your movies or YOUR music on a non sanctioned player is against the law. What I am doing is the future of television at home. On demand Tv content with no channels yet the government wants to punish me and keep me from doing it my self or for innovating in new ways that can benefit others.

I strongly suggest that if you want to watch or listen to your movies or music on what you want to watch or listen to them on, you write your congressmen and other represenatives saying that you will not vote for them if they do not repeal this horrible law.

Ok, I'm off the soap box. The solution I have found is two fold. The DSM-320 has trouble with a normal Xvid file. Yeah dlink says otherwise but it does. you need to encode to the "special" divx format that Nero uses. Those play fine but will not play on anything else because of a silly modification that is not needed done by nero to try and lock people into their playback system. ICK. WEll firstly back up your DVD using DVD decryptor and DVD shrink. then encode to the nero Divx format for your media server. that way in the future you can break out that backup and re-encode as you need to if you have a hard drive failure.

I am using a pair of 320Gig hard drives in a small low power machine acting as the server running DVarchive to pull off the replayTV content and to place the converted DVD's on for the DSM-320s to playback from. Works great. and I can fit a couple hundred movies as well as several hundred TV episodes on there.

the future is now at my home.... too bad I'm comitting felonies for doing it.


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