A new networking tool from the past.

I love it when I re-discover a nice network troubleshooting tool from decades ago that does a job that new stuff cant. TestTCP(TTCP) is one of those that recently gave me a nice hand in proving the connection speeds here at work. I remember using it back in the late 80's on SCO Xenix after I discovered the 14K source code C file on a BBS late one night. Now over 17 years later I discover it once again. Cool.

It's a great tool, run it on both ends and you get a darn accurate measurement of the connection bandwidth. I ran it every 15 minutes and produced a nice graph of available bandwidth for a specific day to hand off to cooperate that almost floored them as they though ti could not be done.

Anyways, this is a great tool. Throw it on that ubuntu laptop and keep it as a great tool for network troubleshooting.


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