PSP and DS killer hiding in the shadows

I am a big Gaming fan... Ok not a BIG gaming fan but I own a PS2,Gamecube,and a couple of DS's and have had every onther console as well as play pc games. But I finally found a portable game system that kicks the crud out of everything there is out there in regards to what I want. GP2X is a little known game system outside the elite gaming crowd and is something that is simply amazing. If you are someone that wants to simply be fed your games then you do not want it as it requires some real skill as a Computer owner to use it and EA will never ever release a game for it. It is 100% open source and 100% open. you can write games for it, run a MAME emulator on it play SNES,Playstation or whatever system there is an emulator ported for it. it uses SD cards for it's "cartridge" can play mp3's and ANY media type movie files out there because it uses mplayer as it's media player.

If you like to tinker and have 100% control over what you own then this is the PSP killer.

Unfortunate though that it will never become extremely popular because it takes some effort to use and understand. and Little timmy cant run down to the toy store and blow $50.00 on the newest shoot-em-up game. But it is the reason why I will never buy a PSP now.

Check it out. Less than $250.00 and you can have it in your hands in 3 days from london to the states. Not bad.


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