Nintendo DS review

Lynne and I bought each other nintendo DS's fior each other for christmas. Yeah a goofy thing to give each other but we wanted to each have something fun and the PSP was out because it's overpriced and really misses the point as to what it could have been.

anyways, the DS rocks. I love the device it is really fun to use and the built in sharing of games for others nearby wireless in every single game is a PSP killer.

On to the Games. we Have 4 titles and I will review each one here...

Super Mario DS - This is the Super Mario 64 revamped a little. It's fun as before and certiany sues the Ds hardware well. This is not a top game because it was one of the more tired mario titles but it is still a great game. well worth a $29.95 sale price.

MarioKart DS - This game absolutely rocks. I though that the lack of an analog controll would stink but this game compensates very well. and the Wifi play with others on the internet is incredible. This game is a must have. go get it now.

Bomberman DS - Just like bomberman of yore but faster and more furious! I'm a big fan of bomberman so I really like it. it does feel a tad "unfinished" espically at the beginning where you cant skip the really long intro, but gameplay is great.

Retro atari DS - This cartridge absolutely Sucks. It feels 1/2 finished, the games they chose really stink and their translation of the controls is horrible. The "remix" of the games are also really horrible as well. All the games were not though out very well and pretty much ruined by klunky play. I would not buy this game pack if it was in the $5.00 bargian bin. it is not worth buying at all. When they say retro they mean mostly from the late 1970's and not any of the good games from then. They could have done games like Asteroids II and others that could have used the DS screens as a nice vertical screen but shose to have cruddy graphics on the touchscreen that are really not that useful.