the bane of the new year

Ok I took my time to write my first posting of the 2006 year. Hey I have been busy and fighting a cold/flu all year long now. (:-P) I resolved to get a few things done early and I have started on a good foot... so here's my list of new years resolutions.

1 - Lose weight fatso! I really need to adjust my diet to start losing weight once again. I somehow figured out how to GAIN on an atkins diet so I am going to create my own modified diet with some more good carbs let in.

2 - Get your photography in gear. I desperately need Flash equipment. Studio and on camera. I love my Promaster 5200 but I am going to get a second Promaster 5950 and the FTA nikon modules that the guy at the local camera shop says will not work but promaster says it will. I bought a flash grip and a starter set of studio flashes with stands and umbrellas... I need a second set of 160 watt flashes and a couple of backgrounds to finish that one off sa well as the never ending need for CF cards.

3 - Get your Videography in gear. I finished Bronwyns wedding DVD. it rocks and is probably in their hands already. I really need to get the Mayfaire commercial reedited for this year as well as create a "image" piece of 5 minutes in length for them. I also desperately need to get WOW edited so we can see how screwed we are without the final scenes shot. I really hope we can finish that Short.... som many of us dumped lots of cash into it. I also need to get a second camera and some wireless lavielier mics.

4 - Get better at what I do. That means taking lots more photos, more video and actually working on acting and front of camera experience. I suck at acting and I really need to get medicore. There are times that it will be needed.

5 - Get my projects in order. I need to finish the second alarm clock as well as other projects I have in the pipe...

That is about it.


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