Cingular does not care about retaining customers.

I am an old AT&T wireless customer. I have 3 phones through them and data plans as well as a nice discount because I work at a company that has a partnership with them.

Today I called to ask about changing to cingular from AT&T so I can get a rollover plan and better rate plan(less minutes for less money). They pretty much refused to give me any deal. I was told, " those are internet prices for new customers. you dont get those prices." Nor could she assure me that I would get the corperate discount I am entitled to.

What a crock! They do not care about their customers let alone retaining a customer that they currently have?? I can get a better rate by dropping my AT&T wireless and then signing up for cingular through the internet site. Phone calls to anyone that can help only leads to " we dont want to help you." and a strong feeling of that they do not need any customers let alone any loyal ones.

thanks cingular.


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